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Shredder "Corsair" Р-190 ##от компании## Укр.Агро-Сервис - очесывающая жатка, промышленный измельчитель - ##фото## 1

Shredder "Corsair" Р-190

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The shredder is intended for shredding (crushing) purposes by cutting industrial waste, vegetable raw materials and food, namely: lump and membranous plastics of all kinds, wood, cardboard and paper, glass, rubber, foam rubber, textiles, animal bones, roots, twigs, bark trees, medicinal herbs, berries, dried fruits, crackers, etc. Depending on the type of raw material being processed, the basic model of the shredder can be equipped with an aspiration system in order to remove light impurities from the crushed product (roots, herbs, tree bark, berries, etc.) or a pneumatic discharge system to forcefully remove the crushed product from the working chamber which might be prone to arching (foam, film, etc.).


Parameter name


Productivity, kg / h

10-600 *1

Dimensions of the final product in any linear dimension, mm

1-40 *2

Dimensions of recyclable hollow waste thermoplastics, no more than:

- wall thickness, mm

- sprues with diameter, mm

- overall dimensions, mm




Rotor diameter, mm


Number of movable knives, pcs


The number of fixed knives, pcs.


Loading window dimensions, mm


Installed power of the chopper motor, kW

4 (7,5 *3 )

Installed capacity of the pneumatic discharge system's electric motor or the aspiration system, kW


Installed power of the electric motor, kW


Fan capacity of the pneumatic discharge or aspiration system, m3 / h


Overall dimensions, mm (length * width * height)

- regular shredder

- regular shredder with installed aspiration / pneumatic discharge system

- regular shredder with a feeder and installed aspiration / pneumatic discharge system




Weight, kg

350 (400*4, 600*4)

*1 - depending on the raw material type and the required particle size of the gray shorts;

*2 - depending on the size of the holes of the installed calibration grid;

*3 - for grinding raw product of high resistance to cutting;

*4 - depending on the configuration of the shredder by the aspiration / pneumatic discharge system and / or feeder.

Equipment technology

The basic model of the universal shredder (crusher) consists of a frame on which the housing with the rotor inside, the receiving bunker, the electric motor with the drive and the control cabinet are placed. The receiving bunker is designed to load raw materials and its feed into the grinding chamber. Depending on the type of raw materials, it is possible to install bunkers of various designs: for cohesive product - a regular bunker, for bulk materials - an increased volume bunker with a system of manual forced. For feeding purposes to the working parts of bulk raw materials with low density, the shredder can be equipped with a mechanical unit for the forced supply of raw materials (feeder). The base is constructed as a welded frame, on the inner surface of which there are three fixed blades. Inside the housing, there is a rotor installed on the bearing supports. There are three movable knives are fixed on them. There is a calibration grid installed in the lower part of the body. The size of the grid holes determines the original product grinding fineness. The basic model of the shredder is equipped with one calibration grid. The holes size is determined by the Customer. 

The model range might also include the machines, the working bodies and internal surfaces of which are made of stainless materials to meet the increased requirements for those parts which have the contact with food. 

Operating principle

The original product from the receiving hopper is fed to the working chamber, where it is shred (crushed) between the movable and fixed blades. Particles that are smaller than the size of the holes of the calibration grid pass through it and are poured into the discharge tray. Larger particles are carried by the rotor in a circular motion process and undergo further shredding step.

Distinctive features

  • The is an adjustment option of the gap between the movable and fixed blades in the shredder available. It improves the quality of the cut and eliminates material jamming factor between the blades;
  • The rotor is equipped with a flywheel to ensure uniformity of operation. At the time of rotor idle operation, the energy is being accumulated and stored in order to be used for product cutting purposes.
  • The cutting edges of the movable and fixed knives in the shredder are located at a certain angle to each other, which creates a guillotine cut effect. As a result, the cutting force and, consequently, the power consumption are reduced. The specific power consumption of the universal shredder is 0.015 - 0.044 kW / kg.
  • In the shredder a minimum number of structural elements are used, each of it is multi-functional, which make the maintenance process easier during equipment operation process, increase the reliability and durability of the shredder in general. It makes the design more compact as well.


  • Versatility (the ability to work with different materials);
  • High performance of the shredder per unit of power (low energy costs);
  • Possibility to install the equipment in any industrial premises;
  • Equipment compact design and high reliability. 

Services and guarantees

  • Warranty service for 12 months;
  • Commissioning works;
  • Customer staff / workers training;
  • After-sales service;
  • Designer's technical supervision of equipment;

Arrangement of changes in shredder's design based on customer's technical specification.


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